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TMU grants for international student exchange

Regulations for Taipei Medical University grants for international student exchange events

1. Aims

To strengthen the research capabilities of international students, the university encourages them to conduct research abroad to facilitate publication of research results and to build international collaborations. These regulations govern TMU policies concerning sponsorship of international student exchange events.

2. Students may qualify under the following conditions: 1. Grants to conduct thesis‐related research or attend internships abroadmust comply with Taipei Medical University’s Study Abroad Guidelines and receive approval from the student’s TMU school or graduate institute as well as any related research centers.

2. International students who help the school’s exchange collaboration events assigned by the Office of Global Engagement may also be eligible. 3. Students who meet one of the above conditions will be given priority. The remaining funds will be used to support students with excellent achievements in international competitions. Those who present theses at international meetings shall apply through the Office of Research andDevelopment under the university’s guidelines for attending international conferences.

3. Application information

The Office of Global Engagement accepts applications once every semester within an announced application time period. International students may be awarded twice within their studies for a degree, but may not simultaneously obtain similar support for the same purpose from multiple offices at the university.

Required documents that must be submitted to the Office of Global Engagement to apply for the grant are listed below.

1. Research abroad (1) Approved overseas study or research documents

(2) Grant application form

(3) TMU transcripts (4) Study or research plan

2. Exchange collaboration (1) Grant application form (2) Exchange collaboration plan

4. Award amounts

1. Research abroad Based on the permitted budget and number of applicants each semester, the maximum grant is NT$ 30,000 for Asia and Oceania regions and NT$ 50,000 for European, American and African regions.The award amount will be based on the applicant’s academic performance and on the country, institution and purposes of exchange collaboration. More detailed regulations and requirements will be announced by the scholarship committee.

2. Exchange collaboration TMU will sponsor activity fees and local transportation fees where the event is held. The committee will evaluate applications and decide on the award amount.

5. Evaluation Process

Committee members including the dean and vice dean of the Office of Global Engagement and representatives from each college will evaluate applications.

6. Grant regulations

If there are any changes to or cancellations of the grant recipient’s plans,these should be reported to their department and the Office of Global Engagement for re‐evaluation by the same committee in advance. The grant may have to be returned.

7. Administrative regulations

These regulations are to be reviewed, amended and approved by the university’s Administrative Council.

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