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A Masters degree in related field such as biology, medicine, pharmacy, biomedical engineering or materials science is required.

Old Documents


Please note, all documentation must be provided in English. If the document was not originally issued in English, an authorised translation must be provided.

  1. Verification of nationality (e.g. Photocopy of passport)

  2. Copy of degree certificate(s) or diploma of the highest level of academic attainment

  3. Copy of official transcripts (list of grades and courses) of the highest level of academic attainment

  4. Master degree in biology, medicine, pharmacy, biomedicine engineering or materials-related
    fields, or M.D. degree and at least two years of related professional training with publication(s) equivalent to a master’s thesis in aforementioned fields.

  5. One copy of proof of English proficiency, such as TOEFL, IELTS, or other official test results. Applicants who have had at least two years of formal education in an English-speaking country may provide attendance records as proof of English proficiency.

  6. Statement of purpose

  7. Resume and personal statement

  8. One recommendation letter in English submitted via online application system by the referrer.

  9. Supporting materials are optional and may include academic examination scores (GRE,
    GMAT, Chinese proficiency test, etc.), professional licenses, publications or awards.

  10. Online Application System:

International Flags


Students interested in dual-diploma programs should contact IPBME professors as soon as possible so that preparations can be made.

Dual-degree programs are available in collaboration between TMU and the following institutions:

•    University of Southern California, USA

•    Tokyo University of Science, Japan

•    University of Lille, France

IPBME is aimed at students who are interested in the development of biomedical engineering technologies and clinical therapies that are meaningful at global level. 

Students are encouraged to choose research projects with potential relevance to the needs of their country of origin. In addition, students may appoint an academic co-supervisor from their home country.

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