A modern, safe and convenient city


Taipei was recently ranked as 1st place (2018 InterNations survey of more than 18,000 foreign workers) in quality of life for expats, citing quality of public transport, healthcare, safety and friendliness of locals. In addition, Taipei boasts an incredible array of local and international cuisine, high availability of leisure activities and excellent schooling and childcare facilities.

Taipei is located in a basin surrounded by mountains and the bustle of the city can be forgotten by travelling around 30 minutes by car. Taiwan is popular with outdoor enthusiasts who enjoy hiking, cycling and enjoying nature. Taiwan is home to a rich and diverse population of birds, butterflies flowers and other forms of wildlife.


Taiwan is one of the four “Asian Tiger” economies, alongside Singapore, Hong Kong and South Korea. As the highly-developed capital of Taiwan, Taipei is safe and convenient and boasts one of the highest living standards in the world. Taipei provides multitudinous 24-hr convenience stores, an incredible variety of local and international restaurants at all price points, as well as cinemas, bars, karaoke and other social activities. Travel is easy and affordable thanks to outstanding and affordable public transport using a well-connected bus and MRT (subway/metro) system, YouBike bicycle rental and drop-off system, as well as excellent taxi or Uber availability.


TEL: 886-2-27361661 ext.7705

Address: No. 250 Wu-Hsing Street, Taipei City, Taiwan 11031
Updated: 2021.03.30

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