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PhD program - key policies



  • Obtaining sufficient credits from offered courses

  • Successfully passing annual progress reports

  • Successfully passing a PhD qualifying exam

  • Publication of at least one first-author peer-reviewed research paper

  • Successfully defending an original PhD thesis


  • At least 30 credits should be completed in total to be eligible for graduation. 

  • 14 credits are rewarded for completion of mandatory courses/seminars

  • 12 credits are awarded for the doctoral dissertation

  • Credits are available from passing elective courses and attending additional seminars.

  • Students can apply for the doctoral qualifying examination after 18 credits are earned


Annual progress reports are compulsory. Each student must present a written report and brief oral presentation to a panel of CBME Professors.


Students must pass the PhD qualifying exam before formally becoming doctoral candidates. The qualifying exam takes the form of an oral presentation where the dissertation topic is proposed, preliminary data is discussed and an experimental plan is described.


During their PhD, an IPBME doctoral student must meet the following requirements:

1.    Single first author of 1 SCI original paper in the top 30% by ranking. Or;

2.    Single first author or co-first author of several SCI papers and the sum of their impact factors is 5 or above. In case of co-first authorship, the impact factor of the journal is divided by the number of co-first authors.

  • The papers must be published in the name of “International Ph.D. Program in Biomedical Engineering”,

  • The student’s PhD advisor or co-advisor should be the corresponding author. 

  • The publications should be original research papers and have coherence in topics, matching the doctoral dissertation.

  • Case reports, review papers, conference papers, and communications are encouraged, but cannot be used as publications counting towards PhD qualification.


Once a doctoral student has a publication formally accepted by suitably-ranked journal, they may apply for the final exam which takes the form of an oral presentation to a committee of 5-7 Professors. A copy of the PhD thesis must be provided one month before the final exam.

The examination is passed if the average of scores by committee members reaches 70 or above. After passing the Doctoral Degree examination, students should edit their dissertation according to the recommendations of the committee members. Finally, students should submit their dissertation for publication to the university to apply for their diploma after approval by the advisor.


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