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2024 EMMaH Admission System is OPEN to February 16, 2024 (23h59, Brussels time)

Updated: Jan 17

The Euro-Asian Master in Medical Technology and Healthcare Business (EMMaH) offers a rich and diversified learning environment across four international institutions. Each semester will be conducted in a different country, providing a multicultural approach to daily living and enriching the academic experience, thereby enhancing students' career prospects. The EMMaH Master's degree is supported by the ERASMUS Mundus program and establishes a partnership between the School of Health at the Polytechnic Institute of Porto (Portugal), the Faculty of Engineering and Health Management at Lille University (France), the Faculty of Life Sciences at Hamburg University of Applied Sciences (Germany), and the College of Biomedical Engineering at Taipei Medical University (Taiwan), creating a distinctive program.

Applications for this program are now open. This presents an excellent opportunity to meet new people, experience different cultures, enhance proficiency in foreign languages, exchange and share knowledge, and much more.

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